Document Management

The capture, storage, security and retrieval of documents and content you work with daily

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What is Document Management?

Document management encompasses the processes and procedures your organization uses as it pertains to capturing, storing, securing and retrieving information a daily basis. For many organizations, these processes can be greatly improved with the use of document management software.

The functionality of the DocuPhase Document Management solution is designed to make the 5 primary components of document management – Capture, Storage, Security, Access, and Integration – simple and effective.

Document Management Needs Assessment

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Document Management Capture


Convert your documents, images, emails, PDF’s, etc. into an electronic format so that it be easily searched for and accessed from anywhere, at any time.

  • Automate the capture of all of your unstructured content.
  • Advanced optical character recognition, or OCR, barcode and extraction solutions, you can streamline the capture of your critical business information, no matter where it is located or what format it is in.
  • With a simple, straightforward interface, all of your documents, PDFs, images and videos can be immediately entered and organized into the document management repository.
  • Electronic forms technology provides the ability to capture information and submit it directly into the system.

Document Storage and Repository

A centralized repository for all of your critical business content to be viewed, accessed, shared, and modified.

  • All of your unstructured content is stored in a centralized document management repository to be viewed, shared, accessed and revised.
  • Key features of document management include version control, audit trails, annotations and the ability to check in and check out documents.
  • The integrity of all previous document versions is maintained, providing a complete audit trail of all activity surrounding every file within the system.

Document Management Capture

Document & Content Security

Have confidence your content is safe by controlling who sees, accesses and shares all of your information.

  • Protect your valuable business information and ensure that content is not accessible to unauthorized parties.
  • Set limits down to group. department and specific users, as well as restrict the viewing of particular documents or index values based on a user's point of access.

Document Management Capture

Document Management Capture

Access: Anytime, Anywhere

From anywhere at any time, get quick and convienient access to the business information you depend on.

  • From your mobile devices to your desktop, you can access the data and documents you need to run your business.
  • All related information is connected and tied together for one-click access.
  • With workflow automation, your content becomes a dynamic part of your business.


Get more work done by tying all of your business systems into a single, cohesive unit.

  • Bring together data, content & processes by integrating our technology with your core business systems.
  • Access the information stored in the document management system directly from within the business system you are working.
  • We offer simple, standard and customer integration support.
  • Connect with all of the core systems you depend on: SharePoint, Oracle, Great Plains, SAP and more.

Document Management Capture